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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to share salary data anonymously?

Under most conditions, United States and Canada -- Yes!. It's a good idea to check the laws of your state/country, but usually it is illegal in many developed countries prevent the discussion of salaries, as that is an anti-worker practice.

Generally, the only people that benefit from keeping anonymized salary data secret are employers, businesses, and greedy clients.

Are there any other sites with good salary information?

Yeah there are! Check out as well.

How can I get updates when the free data is updated?

Sign up below and we'll send you emails whenever the free data list gets updated (every month). Unsubscribe any time.

How can I submit a salary?

If you'd like to submit a current or previous salary, Fill out this form or send us an email and we'll add the salary to the dataset and give you free access to the full dataset.

Does using NoMorePizzaParties cost anything?

For now, access to all of the data (including the most recent month) is free!

In the future, either submitting a salary or paying will get you access to the data for 6 months for no charge.

Since it does cost time/money to collect, clean, filter and aggregate the data, rolling access to the entire data set (which you could download as CSV and share with whomever you want) is available for $12/year. As the dataset is updated, we'll send out updates and you can check back in.

How do I know this won't turn into another Glassdoor?

While running this site isn't free, just a few subscribers are enough to keep it operating (and the data accessible). No need to sell user data, add advertising or seek venture capital needed. This site exists to spread salary data far and wide and help employees in negotiations, job searches and more -- if you want to contribute, send us some salaries or sign up for the yearly subscription!

Why not just a public Google sheet?

Sharing this information could absolutely have been done as a Google Sheet! Lowering the barriers to entry is great for gathering data, but can put a lot of stress on the team sifting through it. This effort aims to collect, aggregate, and process quality salary data from all over, and while a shared sheet is a great starting point, a database is better long term.

Programmatic access to the underlying data is available to subscribers!

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Who built this?

👋🏾 Hey, I'm Victor, I'm not an accountant but I built this anyway.

Salary data is important to distribute and while developers and engineers have various sites that serve this need, the amount of complaining I saw on r/Accounting convinced me that people might need a place for this data.

Usually the newest information is the most important, so that will always be free. Power users who want to analyze data over longer time spans can pay a tiny bit to access the data, keep the servers running, and for someone's time finding, filtering and collating salaries.

The internet is full of one-off threads and information sharing sessions across the cities, countries and public/industry positions salaries for accounting. That said, it looks like Glassdoor has been a bit biased lately, and no one is filtering, collecting and aggregating this data so I'm giving it a shot!